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Pyrite Cluster


A powerful manifestation stone of hidden fire for abundance, wealth, prosperity and self-transformation.

In the Middle Ages, Alchemists believed that Pyrite could be transformed into gold. It is also known as Fool’s Gold but make no mistake, there is nothing foolish about Pyrite.

When we hold this piece, we sense the limitless potential birthed by Creation and we understand that abundance is limitless and forever unfolding and evolving, just like our Universe. 

Deriving from the Greek word for fire, Pyrite is a stone of action that also helps ground us to the centre of the earth. If you feel as though money flies out of your hands, you will be comforted by the weight of this orb. 

The energy of this piece is both magical, otherworldly and masculine which means it is perfect for taking action, manifesting abundance, instilling confidence and encouraging persistence. 

Pyrite would be perfectly suited to an office space or a place where action is required. 

Please note all crystals are unique, natural formations and variations will be present that may not exactly match the photos.